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Litigation Expertise

New York Insurance Law

Defense Litigation and Casualty Claims Specialists

At Jacobson & Schwartz LLP, we believe specialized teams are the key to legal success. We take a unique approach to New York insurance law. We customize a team for your case from our firm’s outstanding attorneys, who develop specific strategies to meet your needs. Our experienced attorneys units concentrate in their areas of expertise for excellence in trials and arbitrations.Insurance defense litigation is our specialty, and your case is our focus. Members of our New York insurance law teams have extensive legal experience in the representation and defense of carriers, and a partner or senior associate heads each team. As we guide your legal efforts, client interaction and responsive service are the hallmarks of our firm.


Experienced New York Insurance Lawyers are Your Defenders

In 1962, our practice was founded by experienced New York insurance lawyers who were driven to provide personalized client support. We are experts in insurance law and work vigorously for favorable resolutions. As experienced New York insurance lawyers, we tap into every resource and pursue every detail. Our firm stands at the forefront of trial experience, and our attorneys have long–standing careers in defense litigation. You can rely on our successful reputation and history of exceptional representation. We will act diligently as your defense team.


Trust Our Extensive Experience with Casualty Claims

Issues relating to casualty claims require an in–depth awareness of the dynamic developments in insurance litigation and current state law. Our attorneys offer an advanced understanding of this legal field. We face the most challenging casualty claim cases head on, with innovative strategies. We share information promptly and openly with clients, while determining case merit and performing comprehensive case analysis.