An Experienced, Accomplished Team of New York Insurance Lawyers

Take a team of veteran defense trial lawyers into the courtroom for your challenging case. Our firm includes knowledgeable trial attorneys who have individually acquired more than 20 years of relevant career experience. And a skilled lawyer from your team is readily available for consultations when questions arise, because we are dedicated to your goals.

Outside the courtroom–we work judiciously with opposing counsel to bring disputes to an effective resolution for our clients. Inside the courtroom–we deliver an aggressive, talented defense, backed by precise preparations, thorough research, and unparalleled investigations.  Should an action proceed to trial, your defense trial lawyers will diligently prepare for the best outcome possible. We regularly try cases in front of judge and jury in the state and federal courts of New York. We also have the capability to advise you regarding appellate action.


New York Insurance Lawyers Focus on Advantageous Outcomes

You not only deserve your day in court, but you deserve a court appearance advanced by the superlative efforts of results-oriented New York insurance lawyers. We know New York law in all its complexities, whether it pertains to premise liability or commercial tort litigation. As insurance representatives, you will also contribute to the collaborative efforts. You will receive ongoing updates and information on the case in a timely manner, as we welcome your insight. From the careful evaluation and selection of expert witnesses to the effective discovery that supports superior trial execution, Jacobson & Schwartz will provide extensive efforts for optimum outcomes. Whether the action is resolved before or during a trial, we will be your New York insurance lawyers with the steadfast determination to prevail in the proceedings.