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Areas of Practice


Products Liability Defense

We have established a peerless, professional reputation for product liability defense. Our attorneys have defended an array of manufacturers, distributors and retailers whose products were alleged to be defective or to possess latent defects. We also defend manufacturers in litigation regarding machinery safety, including claims of improper guarding. Since product liability can involve the alleged failure to warn users of potential hazards or defects, we are prepared to review the roles of those who participated in the design, manufacture and labeling of a product. We bring a depth of experience to the product liability trial and strive for the masterful presentation of testimony by experts in safety engineering, as well as the decisive cross-examination of authorities for the claimant. Jacobson & Schwartz, LLP is the right representation for proceedings involving OSHA regulations, ANSI standards, and vocational rehabilitation employment issues that are linked to a product liability defense.


Product Liability Defense Law Firm Delivers the Right Representation

Rely on a product liability defense law firm where your case has the direct involvement of a partner or senior associate. We vigorously defend clients facing product liability issues from alleged malfunctions to design flaws leading to injury or damage. Comprehensive research and groundwork are critical in these cases. Your legal team will collaborate with consultants in the appropriate disciplines to evaluate the cause and extent of injury. Experts in engineering, science and other fields will contribute to trials, mediations, or arbitrations. Claims resolution is vital to your business, and our product liability defense law firm handles cases with the goal of protecting reputations and confidentiality. We are dedicated to providing personalized attention during various forms of litigation ranging from the defense of product safety to liquor law liability.


Environmental Law

Lead paint litigation is a challenge our firm is prepared to address actively. We understand the complicated medical and technical aspects, as well as potential liabilities, of these cases. When claims are made that infants have sustained neurological injuries from lead poisoning, an expert defense is required, supported by medical leaders. Look to our impressive experience in all phases of this litigation process. Cognitive and intellectual impairments in children may be alleged on the basis of exposure to lead dust or the ingestion of flaking or peeling paint. We are familiar with the neurological and psychological testing that is crucial in lead paint litigation, as well as the medical treatments parties may receive. In addition, our teams are well informed concerning remediation techniques that remove lead paint from buildings and rental units. Gain a client-centered, targeted defense by attorneys who conduct brilliant negotiations in specialized areas, from lead paint claims to product liability defense.


Lead Paint Defense for New York Property Owners

In New York, lead paint may remain in buildings and rental properties built years ago. If claims arise from alleged exposure, you should act immediately to secure a comprehensive lead paint defense. Legal issues emerge if individuals come into contact with lead paint through its cracking, peeling or disruption. Property owners and insurance companies can be named as defendants in claims alleging exposure to lead paint poisoning. Your lead paint defense will be spearheaded by attorneys experienced in the liability issues affecting property owners and insurers. We will confer with advanced health and scientific experts to draw upon the most up-to-date medical information in evaluating the basis and severity of claims. Property owners and insurers also may contact us regarding other critical legal areas, such as premises liability.


New York Labor & Employment

As New York labor law attorneys, we defend property owners, general contractors, construction managers and sub-contractors against claims of injuries suffered at the work site. When construction workers and other individuals allege on-site injuries, we counsel defendants on their rights and options in reference to the labor laws in the state of New York. If individuals make claims for accidents involving scaffolding, or other height and elevation-related risks, we investigate the vicarious liability issues. Our attorneys also can plan a proper strategy for claims associated with workplace safety violations, based on our expertise in state labor law.


Jacobson & Schwartz, LLP will create a professional legal team of New York labor law attorneys who will put into their relevant knowledge and exceptional career experience to work for you. This team will include lawyers who are best-suited to address the particular issues of your labor case. When allegedly lax safety has led to workplace injury or a construction accident has occurred, you need labor law litigators to launch a superior defense. Turn to a well-established firm that delivers a client-oriented approach featuring efficient strategies, practical solutions and astute alternatives to legal problems. When feasible, we will seek out options for timely dispute resolutions through productive settlement conferences. We utilize our network of resources and experts in mounting your defense, such as consultants in the engineering and medical professions. Responsibility at the construction site often involves multiple parties, and our qualified teams will manage the complexities of the case proactively. Put your trust in knowledgeable attorneys who assist construction professionals in the New York area with fair resolutions to their legal concerns. Many businesses contact us for advice on a range of commercial tort litigation – for good reason.


No Fault Litigation

We defend insurance carriers, and we defend them well. Our firm’s no fault litigation specialists are highly regarded among the insurance industry. Be confident in the capabilities of no-fault trial attorneys who have successfully represented major insurance carriers in numerous cases. This team of legal experts is committed to staying current on the New York state insurance regulations that govern no-fault litigation. Some of our team members are former insurance company attorneys, providing an additional benefit to your defense. We understand no fault policies and the claims process. We realize timely action, effective arbitrations, and progressive strategies are critical for efficient and beneficial solutions for clients. This is why you will find Jacobson & Schwartz, LLP recommended in Best’s Directory of esteemed insurance defense law firms. The firm is dedicated to remaining on the leading edge of its practice areas, providing competitive fees, promptly communicating developments, and representing your interests throughout the legal process.


Valuable Solutions from New York No-Fault Insurance Lawyers

Place your claim problems in the hands of litigators whose excellent backgrounds in insurance law have prepared them to be no-fault claim specialists. With our New York no-fault insurance lawyersacting diligently on your behalf, you receive valuable assistance in the areas of litigation, arbitration, and settlement negotiations. We have assembled teams of attorneys who are proficient in no-fault motor vehicle insurance issues. Whether you need an informative consultation or exceptional courtroom representation, our New York no-fault insurance lawyers work hard to meet your objectives. We conduct ongoing research and stay apprised of the latest decisions in the no-fault field. This same philosophy of perseverance is applied to all our insurance law services, which include complex legal areas, such aslead paint litigation.


Liquor Law Liability

Unfortunately, intoxication is often linked to injury. Bars, restaurants and other establishments may need the guidance of attorneys familiar with liquor liability at some point in their business history. Parties injured by an intoxicated person can sue establishments they claim contributed to the intoxication. We are experienced litigators in both trials and appeals that involve personal injuries allegedly caused by intoxicated persons. When an alcohol-related injury occurs, act quickly. Seek the assistance of attorneys who are well-versed in New York’s Liquor Liability Law, so they can begin an immediate, thorough investigation. Our considerable experience with dram shop law allows us to skillfully defend these often complex cases. With more than a century of collective experience, our attorneys are talented litigators and negotiators with a track record that proves our client commitment. If you require a consultation related to liquor law, call our office today.


A Powerful Defense in All Aspects of Dram Shop Litigation

The owners and employees of bars, catering companies, clubs and restaurants in New York may find themselves confronting civil action due to alcohol related injuries or death. A firm that knows every aspect of Dram Shop Litigation will direct a powerful defense against these civil claims. Jacobson & Schwartz, LLP is this firm. Our goal is to minimize the effects of liquor liability claims through a dedication to our clients and their cases. We take a dynamic approach to dram shop litigation backed by a meticulous investigation and expert testimony, as well as the presentation of eyewitness accounts and vital evidence. We have the specialized resources and skilled attorneys to comprehensively prepare for a defense in these cases. Business owners and insurers also will benefit from our expertise in premises liability.


Automobile Defense

Whether the claim is based on a minor impact or catastrophic injury, you can trust in the legal representation of a firm that has acquired a depth of knowledge in automobile defense. Our attorneys strive to attain excellent results for carriers and clients. With a respected and lengthy reputation in defending motor vehicle accident cases, Jacobson & Schwartz, LLP can draw from its extensive resources and notable authorities in technology and medicine. You can have science on your side. Expert witnesses also have a critical role in mitigating damages or supporting low impact defenses in cases of liability. In addition, we know the intricacies of no fault litigation. That means we can file a no-fault threshold motion in order to avoid a trial, yet prepared for trial should litigation proceed. Our firm has defended and arbitrated hundreds of unique automobile accident cases, so our attorneys can deliver an unparalleled automobile defense in all the New York courts.


Rely on Specialized Strategies in An Automobile Liability Case

We excel at managing the complexities of automobile liability. The defense of auto accident cases is prominent in our insurance law services. Our attorneys have experience in the preparation of effective defensive strategies, including low impact defenses where minimal vehicle damage was incurred during the accident. Your legal team approaches each case with a defense specifically strategized for that particular claim. We stay current on auto liability decisions and developments in New York to ensure you receive the highest level of informed counsel. As our client, you can depend on our broad understanding of liability and insurance coverage litigation in areas such as SUM and UIM coverage, while experiencing exceptional professionalism and attorney accessibility at reasonable rates.


Premises Liability

We act decisively to defend the rights of New York’s property owners. If an accident is alleged, let our proactive attorneys handle the premises liability claim. Owners of private, commercial, and multiple dwelling properties can have confidence in a firm with a history of thorough and insightful representation. A premises liability suit against the owners of commercial or private property requires a rapid response. We are a well-established firm that will secure a comprehensive investigation and diligent discovery. Let our specialized legal teams address a range of premises liability claims that are due to alleged slips and falls, inadequate security, or conduct by other parties on the property. We defend property owners when it is alleged they are vicariously liable for criminal activity which resulted in injury. Our lawyers are adept at the resolution of these disputes through accomplished trial litigation, as well as effective pre-trial processes, such as mediations and negotiations.


Impressive Representation in Your Premises Liability Defense

Look to a team of results-oriented attorneys for your Premises Liability Defense. We have an impressive record of representing clients in property incidents, including slips or trips leading to falls or improper maintenance. We address the legal issues regarding claims of sidewalk, walkway, and staircase accidents, as well as other alleged dangerous and defective premise conditions. As your legal counsel, we will conduct a detailed investigation on your behalf, bringing to light any fraudulent claims. Should your case proceed to trial, place your confidence in the skillful strategies of attorneys working to protect your interests. We are a client-focused practice committed to defending the rights of property owners and insurers through a vigilant premises liability defense. Also look to us for legal services involving product liability defense.


Insurance Coverage Disputes

At Jacobson & Schwartz, LLP our accomplished legal teams handle a diverse range of insurance challenges confidently. We stay apprised of the latest legal developments in insurance coverage litigation. We are ready to provide legal services for clients in the insurance industry through the effective management of all case components. Our teams have successfully tackled a variety of issues in insurance coverage litigation. We are committed to achieving the most advantageous results possible through settlement or trial, while providing our insurance clients with a higher standard of interaction and communications, whether we are dealing with coverage issues, whether disclaimer, no coverage or reservation of rights issues.


We Tackle Insurance Coverage Disputes through Innovation

Insurance coverage disputes demand innovative solutions. Our insurance attorneys work collaboratively to solve disputes and often initiate settlement conferences for faster resolutions. They have extensive experience with principal coverage issues and take a team approach to solving insurance coverage disputes. Place a challenge into our hands, and you’ll have our full scope of staff and resources at your disposal. If disputes remain unresolved, our veteran litigators defend your interests up to the trial verdict or appeals process.


An Insurance Coverage Attorney with Dedicated Drive Stands at Your Side

Let an insurance coverage attorney with years of preparing cases for the New York courts stand at your side. We have attorneys who direct their professional energies exclusively into insurance law services, including those that involve emerging issues. You’ll work closely with insurance coverage attorneys, as well as associates who trained in carrier legal departments. These legal teams bring valuable experience to the negotiation, mediation, arbitration and litigation processes. Review our attorney profiles to find out more about their areas of specialization. Their common goal is to build productive relationships with insurance clients through outstanding representation.


Construction Defects

You need construction attorneys with decades of experience. You need Jacobson & Schwartz, LLP. Our attorneys bring years of legal knowledge, including extensive courtroom and arbitration experience, to the representation of property owners, construction managers, general contractors, and subcontractors. We are ready to defend those in the construction industry, including larger general contractors and smaller subcontractors, in personal injury claims and lawsuits. We understand OSHA regulations and New York State labor laws, as well as the vicarious liability issues associated with scaffolding accidents or falls from heights. When there is a claim of an accident or injury, our construction attorneys offer guidance through investigations and negotiations. We will represent you vigorously throughout litigation, gathering the critical information for an excellent defense. Benefit from the client-centered approach of our construction attorneys who will work with staunch determination for a fair resolution to legal issues.


Construction Accident Law Firm Knows New York’s Labor Laws

We are a construction accident law firm with expert knowledge of the detailed laws regarding New York’s construction worksites. We defend claims of on-site injuries by workers, including safety-based allegations of negligence, failure to warn or failure to follow. Rely on the sound legal counsel of a construction accident law firm dedicated to timely conflict resolution through all legal avenues, including mediation. As civil litigation specialists for businesses and insurance companies, we are prepared for comprehensive pre-trial preparations and a resolute courtroom defense. We offer a successful team approach to tort cases including those of product liability defense, premises liability, and construction accidents. If you are facing a construction-related legal issue, accident claim, or crisis, now is the time to contact us.